About Us

We’re Payor, the Payment People.

In our increasingly digital world, Payor is the answer to Small Business payment collection woes, with scalable innovation, and security-first approach.

Payor offers several solutions, tools and online services that empower local sellers and businesses to offer next-gen payment options to their customers. By cultivating a great payment experience, the businesses grow, the customer trust grows, and with it, Payor’s commitment to security also grows.

Therefore, at Payor, we are constantly innovating to scale up customer payment experiences with our low-cost, yet high quality payment products.

Payor’s Vision

Payor’s vision is to constantly improve upon the pre-existing seller-buyer relations by designing solutions that benefit both the parties mutually. We have made some impact in the POS industry and we see ourselves striving for greater progress, and cover more ground in the same, in the years to come

Payor’s Mission

Payor’s mission is to make payment experience rewarding for Small Businesses while making it super easy for them to shift to digital platforms. We wish to increase the overall percentage of local stores, ecommerce stores, and entrepreneurs who are collecting payments using a smart POS, and not outdated ways that don’t allow them to fully realize the potential of the Digital Economy.

Payor in Numbers

10+ Payment Products

8 Years in the Industry

50+ dedicated employees

2500+ Happy Businesses

$600+ Billion Payments Processed