Payor Gateway

The Promise of Security, the Ease of Simplicity,
in each $ you bill.

Your business can now process all kinds of digital payments, with an easy to manage unified Payment Gateway, that boasts the best security standards in the Industry.

Payor Gateway Features

Easy Management Interface

A unified Payment gateway management interface accessible worldwide with multiple users, and all kinds of billing functions.

Smart Reporting

Easily generate reports for all kinds of transactions. Get payment statistics via automated emails, for always staying in charge of your business.

Virtual Strongroom

Protect your customer data with a dedicated strong room for storing sensitive information, while making retrieval easy.


Simplified ACH/EFT transactions with super low collection fees for bank account transfers.

Offer E-Mandate

Offer e-mandate options to your customers and collect recurring payments with a one-click process.


Customers, Contacts, Clearances. All your vital data is nicely presented in the CRM.
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PayorOne Business Benefits

The easier it gets to manage payments, the more convenient it gets to grow your business.

PayorOne offers multiple payment methods infused in one gateway, making your business an easy-to-play destination.

A team of engineers works 24x7 to ensure 99.9% uptime and wholesome security for your payment solution.

Make your payment gateway widely accessible with an Online Login portal, where your team members can also collaborate securely.

We have made payment collection, data management, and strategy making easier than ever with PayorOne.

No need of limiting yourself to conventional payment models. Offer new ways to collect revenue with e-mandate, ACH, Wallert & more.

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