Cash Discount

Offer Cash Discount and Get Rid of Credit Card Processing Fees

The Cash Discount Program lets you offer your customers an easy cash payment instead of a credit card, cutting down expensive processing fees for you.

Cash Discount Features

Easy On-boarding

Get started with Payor’s  Interchange + program without long approval queues or hefty documentation. We have made it super simple for businesses to enroll with us!

Diverse Payment Options

Make it easy for your customers to pay with a wide range of payment options online, offline, and in-app.

Simple Straight-forward Pricing

Payor’s pricing is designed for keeping business transactions easy to process, without any complexified charges or dubious policies.

Easy Switch Back

If you feel the program isn’t working out for you, it’s easy to switch back to the already great Credit Card plans.
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Cash Discount Details

Cash Discount let’s save on processing fees, while also rewarding the customers when they pay in cash. Enjoy a monthly flat fee and unlimited transactions.

$9.95 Per Month*

Free Next Day Funding

Process Unlimited Transactions

24/7 Merchant Support

No PCI Fee***

Split or Waive Service Fees****

Free Payor Account

Cash Discount FAQ’s

What is Cash Discount?

Your customers become eligible for a discount when they make the purchases using cash instead of the Credit Card.

Isn't this a surcharge?

This is different from a surcharge which usually increases the rate of Credit Card transactions. It lowers the payable in cash.

How does it work?

You offer the customers a discounted cash payment method by keeping a service fee for credit card payments.

Get Started With Cash Discount

Get started with our Cash Discount program and rationalize the credit card processing fees for your business. Simply signup for the service, and start offering cash discounts to your customers.