Simplified and Futureproof Ecommerce Payment

Finally a simple solution for your Ecommerce store that is easy to integrate, manage and operate. Payor provides the tools you need to accept payments in a timeless fashion. The Ecommerce favorite, as they say!


Quickly connect Payor payment solution to these apps, with ease.


Authorize Net

Big Commerce



Solutions for Ecommerce

Payor App

Reduce the complexity involved in managing your customers, payment flows and invoices with a unified interface.

Payment Pages

Create custom payment pages with your own variables, webhooks and payment flows that suit you the best with Payor’s hosted payment pages.

Payment Tokens

Payor provides tokenization services for securing the flow of payment for your solution, which is cost-effective as well as secure. Start customizing today!

Custom Solution

Developers get access to the tools they need such as;
Sandbox and Dev Environment, Test Data, Tokenizer, Webhooks

Payor Benefits for Ecommerce

Simplified Bulk Payments

Take away the complexity of bulk payments in a high-volume business, but keep the benefits intact.

Cash Discount Programme

Smartly incentivize cash payments and save credit card fees, to reduce your processing costs.

Frugal Flat Rate for Credit Cards

Make Credit Cards friendly for your business with a simple flat rate charge that is lower than most processors in the market.

High-Risk payments are all in

We cater to diverse business models and needs. High-Risk payments are more than welcome at Payor.

Supercharge Your Ecommerce Store

Power your Ecommerce store with Payor’s Specialized solutions for Ecommerces stores, that help you build a truly scalable store which is future-proof and lets you offer a robust checkout experience across devices to your customers. Sign up for your own Payor account today!