Always be 'In the Know' of your payments and products

Payor provides actionable insights on your most important KPIs with a strong analytical platform that lets you strategize the data-way!

Payor Analytics Platform

Keep Track of Invoices

Payor provides a unified backend for tracking invoices, manage dues and send reminders.

Fine Grained Reporting

Generate sales reports, w-o-w revenue reports and every data point that you need instantly with a one click.

Smartphone Access

It’s easier than ever to analyze on the go, with smartphone enabled analytics with Payor App.

Multi-factor Security

Peace of Mind payments with bolstered security standards across all our products.

Payor Analytics Features

Transactional Reports

Get informative reporting on business transactions, mitigate errors and stay vigilant.

Cost Reporting

Get accurate estimates on your expenditure, purchases and bills, to form cost-efficient strategies, all using the Payor App.

Customer Hub

Make it easy to profile customers and keep a track of business transactions done with them.

Inventory Reporting

Master your inventory management with a clear dashboard for your stocks, sales and orders. Build reports and analyze in seconds.
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Business Benefits

Pull up the right set of data, each time you need to plan ahead, with ease and simplicity.

Unified dashboard for all your business transactions and payments.

Keep your business data safe, with strong security measures taken to prevent forgery.

Make it easy to analyze KPIs, and overall business goals with an interactive user interface.

Mobile-ready design keeps you up-to-date on-the-go.

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