Consumer Financing

Meet Your Financing Needs With Simplicity and Quick Approvals!

Funding is a perennial requirement, one that doesn’t get by easy. With Payor’s consumer financing network, we have simplified fund procurement, with quick approvals and dozens of options.

Payor Consumer Financing

Working Capital

Up to $500K

Meet the eligibility requirements, sign the contract and obtain funds within 48 hours.

Equipment Leasing

Vendor of Choice

Lease the equipment you need from the vendor you choose, with our easy leasing support.

Consumer Financing Features

Speedy Approval Process

With Payor, there are no long waiting queues, we process your funding applications in less than 48 hours.

Small Business Friendly Rates

Get funds at rates that add to your profitability while keeping reimbursement convenient.

Simple Application Process

Just bring your account details, bank statements and contract copy. We don't need a 4th document.

Quick Disbursements

Ditch long waiting timelines for getting funds credited. Your business funding will arrive quicker than your Amazon refund.

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Business Benefits

Timely and plentiful funding helps you keep all your business plans on track geared for success.

Consumer financing is securely regulated with Payor's Funding Network.

Keep liabilities under control with Small business friendly funding plans.

With a simplified application process, your business doesn't need a long checklist of eligibility criteria

Be it funds or procuring the right equipment, our services cater to your unique requirements

Funding FAQs

Does Consumer Financing come with an eligibility criteria?

The consumer should have a positive credit history and should meet the ID requirements that are needed at the time of approving credit. Please contact Payor support for learning more about the same.

How long does the paperwork processing take?

Payor’s team responds within 72 hours of receipt of consumer funding application. The processing doesn’t take more than 7 business days, given the correctness of submitted documents.

Is the credit processed and credited instantly?

The credit is processed after reviewing the credit application and matching all eligible documents. The approval is subject to the terms and conditions of consumer financing, and consumer’s credit history.

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