Educational Seminars

Payor Products for Educational Seminars

Each year more and more people are monetizing Educational Seminars to create a passive source of income and meet knowledge gaps. Especially during the pandemic, the growth in seminars and webinars has been tremendous with no signs of stopping any time soon. Working professionals and college students both prefer e-learning from the comfort of their homes, which an educational seminar provides easily. There are several products available in the market for this but a reliable payment solution could be challenging to procure.


Payor helps you get a personalized merchant account for educational seminars that you can use to collect payments in a variety of payment modes. You can charge customers per seat, sell tickets, create promos and fully manage your digital experience.

Payor-Payment Solution for Your eCommerce Website


Use Payor’s smart solutions for eCommerce stores for ramping up sales, by integrating SDKs that take care of the entire customer UX with shopping cart integration that goes up to the checkout page and beyond.

Payor-Online Payment Solutions for Online Retailers


Offer a reliable recurring mode of payment that is trustable and reliable. Your customers sign-up for auto debit based on your subscription packages, allowing you to charge them without annoying interruptions. You can easily configure your subscriptions for renewal, cancellation, gift cards, etc. 



Create your own gifts and loyalty vouchers, cards, and marketing campaigns with Payor’s comprehensive solution for customer engagement. Get repeat customers, improve retention and amplify revenue with Payor.