Merchant Services

At Payor, we consider Merchants as our best business partners!

Merchants are Payor’s most valuable stakeholders, as most of our products are designed to make their trade fruitful and well-paid!

Payor Merchant Services

Retail Services

Fulfill all your retail payment services with ease. Our robust retail checkout solutions make you capable of executing card-based payments at low costs.

E-Commerce Services

Running an e-commerce store? Reward your shoppers with a seamless payment experience powered by our e-commerce solutions.

Mobile Services

Simplified solutions for managing your payment workflows using Mobile Apps, integrations, and remote tools.

Proactive Monitoring

Our monitoring experts are always in-touch with you for all kinds of security updates and emergency situations.

Payor Merchant Benefits

Payor offers a number of unique Merchant Benefits beyond payment processing, that incentivize you to work with us.

Security is perennial

Merchants can conduct transactions with peace of mind when using Payor, thanks to our PCI compliant security framework.

Quick Approval Process

You can start collecting payments with 48 hours, with our easy-to-navigate approval process.

Cutting-edge Technology

Work with a company that brought many industry firsts, and is constantly innovating.

Dedicated Support

All your questions are just 2 clicks away. Call us, chat with us or refer to a help article, at your convenience

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