CBD & Hemp

Payor Products for CBD & Hemp

CBD & Hemp products are growing in popularity, with a wider public acceptance and stronger scientific proof of their potential health benefits. Today, we are observing a great surge in both the demand for CBD products as well as manufacturing activity. More merchants than ever are looking for a reliable payment solution that could help them procure a CBD & Hemp payment gateway. 

Payor offers CBD & Hemp businesses get a peronalized merchant account which is capable of processing in-store and ecommerce payments. We help you navigate the high-risk application process and ensure a healthy account rating for enabling unhindered commerce for your business.


Merchant Services

Avail specialized Merchant services for revolutionizing the way your establishment processes payments, and keeps track of inventory with Payor. Our modern solutions remove the fuss of managing business and make the whole payment experience rewarding for you as well as the customer.

Payor-Payment Solution for Your eCommerce Website


Use Payor’s smart solutions for eCommerce stores for ramping up sales, by integrating SDKs that take care of the entire customer UX with shopping cart integration that goes up to the checkout page and beyond.


Point of Sale

A single unified Point of Sale solution that covers both physical devices, as well as mobile software for all your payment processing needs. We are changing how your industry accepts payments, and are constantly thriving to make it rewarding for the customer.