Payments Processing

Make payments the second best thing about your business, the first will always be you.

Let your customers complete each purchase with a wide smile, by using our smooth payment processors, tailored to your needs!

eWallets accounted for 71% of non-cash transactions in 2018 and will be the #1 payment method by 2022. While your business prepares for the shift, Payor is ready with every single payment tool for the “aha!” payment experience.

Payor Payment Products

Simplified Bulk Payments

Take away the complexity of bulk payments in a high-volume business, but keep the benefits intact.

Cash Discount Programme

Smartly incentivize cash payments and save credit card fees, to reduce your processing costs.

Frugal Flat Rate for Credit Cards

Make Credit Cards friendly for your business with a simple flat rate charge that is lower than most processors in the market.

High-Risk payments are all in

We cater to diverse business models and needs. High-Risk payments are more than welcome at Payor.

Payor Payment Features

Ultra Secure

Payor meets the business security standards you can’t live without!

Multifarious Payment Avenues

May it be offline, in-store, in-app, or on-website, Payor has a payment solution for each business avenue.  

Fraud Protection

Protect yourself and your customers from payment fraud with Payor’s Payment Vigilance  

Easy to Pay, Easy to Accept

Payor is built using ease-of-pay in mind. Provide a buttery payment experience to your customers. 

Extensive Compatibilityt

eWallets, Cards, or electronic funds, Payor provides you the freedom to accept payments in all kinds of electronic modes.

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Business Benefits

Payor is all about making your business benefit more from each sale that you make.

No Cost Next Day Funding

Super simple enrollment, simply bring in your identification documents and accept your first payment within 2 hours.t

With Payor, you don’t need to pay any kind of IRS reporting fee

All charges are upfront, you will not find a hidden extra charge in your statements

Enjoy low processing rates across all our products, best for Small Businesses

Payor Support offers peace of mind with 24x7 availability

Integrate Payor in your store or online in minutes with developer friendly APIs

Payment Tools for Modern Businesses

Payor Payments Mobile App

Point Of Sale

Ecommerce Payment Gateway

Robust API and Integration

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