Digital Downloads

Payor Products for Digital Downloads

Digital content downloads and paywalled content services are one of the fastest growing digital businesses worldwide. All major news outlets have started offering their own digital downloads in the form of informational articles, audio recordings or courses. You can also boost your digital content business and offer your customers a reliable payment experience. Sell anything from audio books to PDFs in a secure and safe way. We understand the ingenuity of your digital service, and the robustness it requires.

Payor-Payment Solution for Your eCommerce Website


Use Payor’s smart solutions for eCommerce stores for ramping up sales, by integrating SDKs that take care of the entire customer UX with shopping cart integration that goes up to the checkout page and beyond.

Payor-Online Payment Solutions for Online Retailers


Offer a reliable recurring mode of payment that is trustable and reliable. Your customers sign-up for auto debit based on your subscription packages, allowing you to charge them without annoying interruptions. You can easily configure your subscriptions for renewal, cancellation, gift cards, etc. 



Create your own gifts and loyalty vouchers, cards, and marketing campaigns with Payor’s comprehensive solution for customer engagement. Get repeat customers, improve retention and amplify revenue with Payor.