Virtual Terminal

A Virtual Dashboard for All Your Payments.

Collect payments, manage customer accounts, and track monthly expenditure easily with a robust virtual terminal accessible wherever you are.

Virtual Terminal Features


Manage invoices that are overdue, send reminders, and make sure the bills are cleared on time.

Reporting Prowess

All the data that you need to stay on the top of your business strategy, accessible over the internet.

Mobile Compliant

Available on all mobile devices for you to easily login and view reports, customers, transactions and more.


PCI compliant virtual terminal abides by strictest security protocols.
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Virtual Terminal Added Benefits

Income and Expense tracking

Track your business performance, access KPIs and plan better with a full view of your expenses at hand.  

Recurring Billing Solutions

Offer recurring payment solutions and subscriptions to you customers from within the terminal.

Inventory Management

 Manage the inventory smartly with built-in support for product SKUs, product volumes and tax rates.

Virtual Terminal Benefits

Easier Management

Reduce the complexity involved in managing your customers, payment flows and invoices with a unified interface.

Stronger Data Protection

A strong solution for storing critical business information such as customer data and payment details.

Smarter Quote Creation

Make the quote generation and invoice clearance process less hectic, with automation features in our new Virtual Terminal.

All-in-One Solution

We’re simplifying things for merchants who need a greater control over their POS, and payments.

Get Started With Virtual Terminal

Start using the Virtual Terminal in no time, with your new Payor account. We provide full product walk-through and support to familiarize you with the core features. Sign up with Payor to start managing your payments smartly.