Payor Products for Adult

Payor is designed to meet the unique needs of adult businesses that are in the adult entertainment or adult product sectors. It could be difficult to secure a payment processing system for businesses operating in this field due to certain bank mandates and qualifying criteria. With Payor, you will face minimum friction in securing a merchant account for Adult Credit Card Processing.

No matter if your account was previously turned down, you can contact our payment consultants to file a new application, and we’ll take care of the rest for you. 


Merchant Services

Avail specialized Merchant services for revolutionizing the way your establishment processes payments, and keeps track of inventory with Payor. Our modern solutions remove the fuss of managing business and make the whole payment experience rewarding for you as well as the customer.


Mobile Payments

No need of sticking to a costly POS or a dedicated terminal for payment processing. Service professionals with low-volume payment processing can easily manage all their payment needs from state-of-the-art mobile apps that boost security as well as ease of use. 


Shopping Cart Integration

 Use Payor’s smart solutions for eCommerce stores for ramping up sales, by integrating SDKs that take care of the entire customer UX with shopping cart integration that goes up to the checkout page and beyond.