Payment Collection Mistakes That Most Businesses End Up Making

Payment Collection Mistakes That Most Businesses End Up Making

The whole consumer payments landscape is rapidly changing. Gone are the days when cash ruled the payment industry. Today, we have smartphone payments, digital wallets, and even cryptocurrency making it to the markets. These new payment methods have been growing in popularity at an unprecedented pace and we are expecting them to grow at a breakneck pace in the future. As a business, you must adapt to this new change to attract more buyers and ensure you get healthy revenue. 

But as new businesses begin adopting digital payment methods for revenue collection, there are umpteen mistakes they end up doing. From something as simple as generating the wrong QR code to choosing the wrong payment gateway, businesses risk a lot when it comes to payments. The modern consumer isn’t forgiving if your business doesn’t offer a smooth payment experience. Most customers go where they can pay with ease and where their preferred payment gateway is supported. 

Let’s discuss some of these payment mistakes so that you can avoid them at the earliest.

Burdening the customers with payment details

It’s absolutely necessary for businesses to create a smooth payment flow and not ask for too many details while collecting payments. If your website is asking for a customer’s address up to the last comma before it proceeds for payment and there’s no option for autofill, the customer may simply abandon the purchase thinking it’s too much work. 

This is the case with most payment collection flows. If it takes too much time to get through the checkout process, the customer will feel suspicious about the purchase. Longer wait times and checkout flows often deter customers to look for websites that have a one-click option.

Many customers would simply choose a website because it offers a payment option that they prefer. The same goes for websites that offer a seamless payment experience. We at Payor have been changing this for a number of US-based businesses. We have shortened checkout timings for online commerce businesses to enable a quicker checkout which resulted in a massive jump in successful sales. 

We suggest switching to a better payment provider that offers tokenization – a better way to handle customer details. We at Payor actively employ tokenization to hasten the payment process for all the customers and prevent them from entering too much redundant information.

Not offering a wide variety of payment methods

There’s hardly an eCommerce website that offers a singular payment method. Have you seen a website that collects payments through credit card only and nothing else? This is because payment methods are growing in number and variety. We are in an age where payments technology is taking huge leaps in offering better security to customers. This has resulted in many new players entering the market such as Apple Pay and others, that can now process payments with greater convenience. 

In case your website is not offering a varied set of payment methods, you may simply miss out on potential customers because they like using alternative payment methods. It’s pretty easy to understand that not everyone shops online using their card. Some people like to checkout using their mobile wallets as they scour through shopping websites, and you may be missing out on such traffic.

Local customers have local needs

Organizations should consider a wide scope of viewpoints with regards to offering their items or administrations in the global market. Instances of these are, finding a decent accomplice who will deal with delivery, or in any event, figuring out how to place your site into an unknown dialect. What many neglects to consider is the significance of offering neighborhood payment techniques. Versatile payments are more normal in some African nations than in some European ones. This model shows the significance of dissecting the market into which we intend to grow, to discover which are the most normally utilized method for payments with the goal that we can offer them to customers.

Website design that is not up to the mark

Look and Feel are major in the web-based world, so most organizations put resources into an appealing plan for their site. payment specialists stress that a few organizations will quite often disregard the feelings of the payment window. If the client gets to an all-around planned page with a blue shading plan (for instance), however, the payment window is shrouded in red tones, this might produce a feeling of doubt in the client. It is much more crucial that its plan is responsive so it shows accurately on a gadget. Taking into account that the entirety of the showcasing and publicizing exertion pays off and comes full circle at the hour of shutting the exchange, we ought not to make light of the significance of the payment window. 

We live in a period of quickness, and we search for speedy, instinctive arrangements that, what’s more, are adjusted to our very own inclinations. Similarly, as organizations execute this thought in a large portion of their cycles or correspondences, it is fundamental that they additionally do as such in everything identified with payment strategies.


Although the growth of Fintech and payments has been astounding, there hasn’t been an equal reciprocation in the implementation of these technologies. Businesses have made several mistakes in adapting to new methods of payment and these mistakes are costing them more than one can think. At Payor, we aid businesses to build a payment flow that is not only optimized but also helps them strategically build a larger customer base. 

We are able to do so with a variety of payment methods that include cards, wallets, cash, or coin. Our merchants enjoy a dedicated support team and a number of benefits when it comes to setting up a successful payment flow. This simply results in increased revenues and better sales throughout the various lines of business.

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